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Traditional Insurer

  • Premiums are paid to the insurer
  • The insurer has full control of the claim review process
  • The money left after paying claims, plus the interest on premiums, is kept by the insurer


  • Premiums are placed in your community's pool
  • We handle claims for your community, but we don’t keep the money if your claim is denied
  • The money left after paying claims plus the interest earned is paid back to the community


What is business insurance and what kind does my business need?

Business insurance protects your business by reducing financial risks from unexpected events (e.g. a lawsuit or natural disaster). For example, if a realtor failed to disclose someone was murdered in a home they are selling, they could be held liable. This might mean paying for the loss of value in the home. The right business insurance can cover these costs and protect your business against these risks.

The type of insurance you need varies based on your industry, your state, and how many employees you have. Most states require you to have workers compensation insurance if you have employees. If you're a contractor, some of your clients might require you to have liability insurance.

Gather will give you a custom recommendation of the coverage you should consider based on your business attributes in under two minutes. Click here to get started.

How much does business insurance cost?

Gather's coverage starts at $25 a month. The price for your coverage will be based on your business (e.g. number of employees, industry, etc.) and the type of coverage you need.

Gather is different from traditional insurers. Your community owns the insurance company you're insured by. This gives you privileges you don't get from other insurers like sharing in the profits of your community. Profits are paid as a discount at renewal which means every year you stay with Gather and don't file a claim, your premiums go down.

What is a community? Who else is in my community?

Your community is the group of businesses you're insured with. Your community collectively owns the insurance company that insures you. You can either join a community that already exists or start your own:

  • Join - Gather can either automatically select the best community for you based on your business or you can select a community yourself. You'll be able to see information about the members of the community prior to joining.
  • Start - You start your own community and invite other entrepreneurs you already know to join through email and/or social media. The entrepreneurs you invite will be sent a private invitation to join your community.
Do I really own the insurance company?

Yes! We form new insurance companies for each community. Your business owns a share of your communities insurance company based on the premiums you contribute relative to the total premiums in your community.

Is this legal?

Absolutely! We form captive insurance companies for each community. The insurance companies are incorporated in Washington D.C. and Gather handles all the necessary paperwork and regulatory matters for you.

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies already own a captive. Gather is using technology to bring small businesses together so you can enjoy the same benefits larger corporations do today.

What does "captive insurance" mean? Why have I never heard of it?

Captive insurance companies are insurance companies that are owned by the businesses they insure. It's like a Co-Op or credit union for insurance.

Until now, only large corporations formed captives because the set up costs are too high for it to make sense for small businesses to form them. Gather is using technology to bring small businesses together so you can enjoy the same benefits larger corporations do today.

How does Gather make money?

Gather collects a 5% membership fee. We feel this is more transparent way to make money from providing insurance since we can't profit from denying claims.

We also charge for services (e.g. claims handling, accounting, etc.) provided to your insurance company. These services are done at cost (i.e. we don't profit from this) and the fees already included in your premium. Gather only makes a profit from the membership fee.